Friday, November 24, 2006

Sally's close shave

A slightly distraught Robina called me just now. She told me she had done something to scare herself shitless. I thot she must have inadvertently startled herself or something.

She told me that she was bringing Sally down and pushing the trolley she wheeled up earlier into the lift (Robina came back earlier from Carrefour grocery shopping). She was pushing the cumbersome trolley (just like those they have in hotels) into the lift and dragging Sally inside when the lift doors closed with Sally still outside. Robina was still holding onto Sally's leash and she quickly realised that she must release the leash otherwise Sally will be strangled. Luckily the leash slipped out of the gap in the door. Needless to say Robina was still freaking out and was pressing the lower floor lift buttons frantically. She got out on the 18th floor (we are on 22nd) and went back up to our level. Sally, clueless and unscathed, was still there outside the lift with her leash stuck in the lift door.
I'm OK! I'm just stoning in my bed...
Update: Robina told me later that she'll probably need a therapist for the traumatising incident. Sally will get a roast beef dinner (leftovers from our thanksgiving gathering at Sherry's) to compensate for her scare (even tho she was clueless about it)


At 9:52 PM, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Wow! I would've freaked too! Yeah, expect Sally to be clueless though!

At 1:16 AM, Blogger lekowala said...

Wah lao... I hope Robina is fine. It seems almost unreal and something you'd see on tv. Must have been some experience!!!


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