Tuesday, October 03, 2006

riding session

we went down to the riding school on saturday since it was the beginning of the Oct golden week holidays. Robina was supposed to ride as well, but couldn't do so due to a clash in sessions with another one of her coach's students. it ended with Joyce and I riding while Robina went around snapping pictures. Boon Peng and Jovien had fun watching Joyce ride.
For me the heavy lunch at Malacca Legends was a big mistake for the subsequent riding. the food was great tho, chicken rice, bak kut teh and teh tarik were all excellent. that's why we ate too much and too quickly.
Since I was an infrequent rider unlike Robina, the first half of my session was a recap of what I learnt previously (and forgotten by now!). Joyce was a quick learner and was into her rising trot. altho at one point I heard a scream from Joyce's paddock when her horse accelerated all of a sudden. but all was well since she was still in the saddle and not on the sand!
Jovien managed to keep herself amused while the adults were riding. I brought her to feed sugar cubes to the horses after I finished my session.


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