Tuesday, October 17, 2006

nil carborundum illegitimi

or "don let the bastards grind you down" in dog latin.

after whacking some asshat with a slipper, Robina has taken it further by kicking up a fuss with two rude sales girls at the infamous "Silk Market" shopping centre in Beijing. she told me the story over the phone when I was back in S'pore last week for a working trip.

apparently she was at Silk Market with Joyce and Melissa. They were browsing at a shop specialising in Hello Kitty stuff (IPR challenged of course). This shop was the only shop there selling Hello Kitty stuff and they had the best range compared to other places. This probably explained why the sales girls had such a lousy attitude.

Joyce was pushing a pram but she was not obstructing anyone and there were no one else apart from Robina's group. Apparently, Robina was a regular customer at this store and the boss knew her (unfortunately the boss was not around at that time). Robina suddenly heard Joyce talking loudly with one salesgirl who was complaining that Joyce was blocking the way with her pram (which was not the case at all). The two girls went on and on until Robina lost her patience and told them off for being so rude to customers. They retorted that Robina could complain if she was unhappy. Normally, Robina would let it pass but the lousy attitude of the salesgirls that totally pissed her off and she decided to pick a fight. She approached a security guard who was standing nearby and asked him where she could go to complain. The guard was surprisingly polite and went off to bring back a manager.

Robina told him the story about the rude behaviour from the salesgirls. In the meantime, Robina was getting so agitated that she was almost tearing (lending more credence to her story!) Turns out that the boss of the store showed up and the manager proceeded to tekan him for the lousy service for his salesgirls. the manager told the boss that the building management could fine him for such customer complains. the boss also recognised Robina as a regular customer. however, the salegirl now "changed" her face to becoming smiling and polite (even more infuriating!). now Robina unleased her full fury on the "biaatch" and tekan her for being so rude, right in front of the boss and the manager.

most of us rarely stand up for our own rights and Robina kicked some ass that day! I will ask her to add her version of the events later


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