Saturday, October 28, 2006

mee siam cookout

We were trying to clear our stocks of Prima Taste premix packs. So it's mee siam for today and laksa tomorrow. bought a lot of prawns from the wet market here. boiled the whole lot to get the delicous prawn soup stock, kept half the stock for tomorrow's laksa (yes, we really clearing stock!). de-shelled the prawns to go with the mee siam. stir-fried the sambal mix with the beehoon.
the wet market in Beijing don have our kind of tau pock (fried bean curd) but they have something similar. they also don have our kind of yellow noodles for the laksa unless we off-load some from our Singapore restaurant here. no worries we can substitute with spaghetti.
Mee siam gravy with prawn stock.
Sally got ONE prawn and half a hard-boiled egg to go with her breakfast. she spent the rest of the time hanging around the kitchen hoping for goodies to fall out of the sky.


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