Sunday, September 03, 2006

makan gathering

Boon Peng and Joyce hosted a makan session at their place last evening. Robina and I went down earlier to help cook some dishes.
I did my favourite roast leg of lamb with herbs and fresh mint. It could have tasted better if the supermarket had a lamb leg the day before than I could marinated it overnight. but I could only pick up the lamb on the same day.
but it turned out OK. nicely roasted and a little pink inside. too bad there was no fresh rosemary which would have smell very nice.
I stir fried the beehoon since Joyce had never done it before. We only used one packet of beehoon and it was gone in 5mins later during the dinner. Robina was the chief taster when I did the cooking but she complained that she did not have a go at the beehoon. she only had 3 mouthfuls before she went inside to help remove the vegies from the oven.
Mrs Kiew brought a herbal chicken dish which smelt heavenly from the ginseng!
part of the spread! there was much more food like Sharon's curry chicken and Sherry contributed her signature char siew even tho she could not make it to the gathering last minute. plus there were shiok fruits like sweet grapes and peaches. as expected there were left-overs and Robina and I over-ate during the mopping up aftermath. Boon Peng had to offer some food to their building's security guards, otherwise they would have finish the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Robina and I presiding over the char bee hoon.


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