Saturday, September 16, 2006

durian fest

Thai Embassy organised a charity bazaar featuring Thai food, fruits and cultural performances over this weekend. Many of us (Singaporeans and colleagues) headed down since there were Thai food and the promise of durians, mangoes and mangosteens!
I made a beeline to the two stalls selling durians to check out the merchandise. quickly bought a batch to share with friends already there.
Joyce tucking in with gusto. We quickly polished off what we bought. Before leaving, I bought another batch to enjoy at home. The durians tasted much better than the limp versions we find in supermarkets here!
Many Thai restaurants in Beijing had set up stalls at the bazaar.
some of the performers still in costume, grabbing a bite. This stall selling delicious Som Tam (Papaya salad) and Khanom Jin (spicy noodles) just like what you find on the streets of Bangkok!


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