Wednesday, August 30, 2006

meeting Adrian in Beijing

met up with Adrian and his colleague, Junior in Beijing. they are in town for work. we brought them to shop for cheap pseudo dri-fit T-shirts and shorts. they were amazed by robina's bargaining skills. got scolded by salesgirl when we walked away. brought them to try Yunnan food. since they were quite game for exotic food, we got them to try deep-fried bamboo worms (caterpillars) which went well with local watery beer. after dinner we walked them to the MRT station to brave the Beijing MRT line. they should have no problems navigating bacck to their hotel since they had survived much tougher cities than Beijing.
Junior and Adrian with their MRT tickets


At 1:09 AM, Blogger Jenad said...

woah, u r a fast worker man! i'm impressed by the amount that have been accomplished in the short time frame! ha ha ha....

glad that they made it through the exoctic food, i'm sure its Jr's idea!!


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