Saturday, August 05, 2006

food prowlings in Beijing

just went to the English pub, John Bull last evening. as pub food goes, John Bull is quite alright. their fish n' chips were quite good. we gobbled it down before snapping a pic. their chicken pot pie was delicious with crispy crust and nice chicken fillings inside. only downside, no house brew ale, closest thing was Kilkenny.

good news for Singaporeans in Beijing: Prima Taste opened a food outlet in Oriental Plaza (Beijing equivalent of Takashimaya Orchard mall). Their chicken rice was pretty decent. Robina found their hokkien prawn noodle soup and mee siam quite good. their rojak was authentic and tasty with lots of prawn paste. downside: their waiters apparently warn local customers that the rojak taste "weird". They told us thinking that we were locals. I think they are being helpful in case the Chinese are not familiar with the taste of "proper" rojak but it just came out the wrong way!!?


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