Friday, June 09, 2006

unfortunate incident

received a phone call from SS that PW's father had passed away in Guangzhou during a tour. PW flew into HK and was now in Guangzhou. I quickly returned to office and checked for the contact of our consulate in Guangzhou. it turns out that PW was oredi in contact with the consular officer there, when I called her. our consulate there is helping her with the paperwork and arrangements to send her father's body back to S'pore. unfortunately, I'm not much help here in Beijing (equidistant betw GZ and Singapore). but it seems that PW was in a good presence of mind. she had the foresight to bring supporting documents which would be useful to minimise red tape.

I told her that blogging can wait for now, she should comfort her mother and sister who was on the tour with her father. but she should put down her experiences later. u never know that it might help someone who might be in similar unfortunate situation. losing a loved one would be traumatic in the best of circumstance. having a loved one passing away overseas would be even more stressful for the family who would have to navigate strange environments and paperwork.


At 1:28 AM, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Well she as a good teacher, so she'll do a good job of sharing from this unfortunate milestone. Glad you called too.


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