Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Unagi special

We tried this Japanese restuarant, Yu Xin (Songjiang Rd, Lane 124, no.31; near junction of Nanjing East Rd and Jilin Rd) this evening. their specialty is unagi bento (NT240 or NT140 for big or small portions). the eel was grilled to perfection. you can taste the crispy outer surface with the smoking flavour from the grill but the meat is tender and moist. Apparently, the eel was grilled, then steamed and then grilled again.
We also tried their sushi roll, with unagi, prawn, bonito flakes, crabstick, asparagus rolled in seaweed and omelette.
the tempura prawn is excellent with light and crispy batter, not oily at all.


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