Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beijing Roadshow

this was the source of a massive jam in Yayunchun in North Fourth Ring Rd, near the "Bird Nest" Olympic stadium. only one lane of a three-lane road was open, for a stretch of 3-city blocks. all the buses and car traffic had to squeeze into one lane and the bicycle lane. needless to say it was pandemonium. another typical Beijing traffic situation.
after work in the evening, at the junction near the US embassy. an example of the Beijing junction grid-lock. Everyone just close their eyes and squeeze into the centre, whether to turn left or right, or head straight. It was a mess that traps everybody. but yet, no one wants to give way which would have saved more time in the long run....
getting stuck together. time to listen to radio or read the papers...if this was Taiwan, the sausage push-cart would appear about this time...


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