Tuesday, March 21, 2006

from the shores of Galilee to Golan Heights

As we drove up to northern Israel from Tel Aviv, we went pass many biblical sites (Israel is ONE big biblical site!) and reached Sea of Galilee. What stuck me the most was the practically tropical weather there, especially when there are mango and banana plantations. Maybe they should bring in rambutans and mangosteens?? Visited a kibbutz that housed the "Jesus boat" right on the shores of Galilee. Apart from us, there were pilgrims from Europe, US and even Indian and Chinese tourists. the globalised village! From there we went to Capernaum to see St Peter's house and church.

After Galilee we drove uphill towards Golan Heights. as a student of history, it was quite exciting for me to see the battlefied of 1973. As we visited the bunkers and memorials, I thot about how tough it was for the NS boys and soldiers on both sides.


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