Friday, January 20, 2006


visited, Pure Lotus, a vegetarian restaurant at Lido Hotel with TH for dinner.
the decor was pleasant, not obiang like many places. the food was excellent overall. they had various fruits and herbals juices concocted. there were simple and nutritous vegetable dishes like this spinach, dioscorea yam and wolfberries (above)
this one is ginko nuts, straw mushrooms and drumstick mushrooms.
I liked this mock fish steak. texture and taste exactly like the mackerel or batang steaks that we have back home.
most amazing (and quite delicious too!) was this hotplate spicy fish. they managed to replicate the texture of fish skin just by using seaweek as well as the flaky texture of fish meat. all these just by using soya bean and gluten. prices were more upmarket from the presentations and fancy tableware, but this meant that the place was not rowdy on a friday evening...


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