Sunday, January 01, 2006

first briskwalk of 06

managed a spritely start to 06 with the briskwalk. the night before on NY's Eve, Robina said that she should do a rain dance since she did not relish the thot of waking up at 5am to make it for the 6.45am jump-off. Her words were prophetic since I was woken up the rain at 4.30am. we got up to bring in the laundry and went back to bed, thinking that the briskwalk would be rained out.

SMSed Siva and KOY abt the rain. both responded that it was OK in HV and Bukit Timah (drats...). turns out the rain stopped around 5.45am. I had to make the tough choice of springing out of bed for a quick shower and coffee to make it in time. tried to shake Robina awake but she mumbled something and carried on with her snooze.

jumped on a cab and reached McRitchie carpark on time. there was 11 of us. BA caught up with us on the trail and Anand met us at the breakfast place (slack!). the early morning scenery around the boadwalk was serene and cool.check out Siva's post on the walk.


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