Saturday, January 14, 2006

back in Beijing

flew back in last night. cold night air was bracing since it was -1C and it had snowed (a little) the previous day. however, my Punggol flat felt colder (ironically) since the Beijing apartment was heated!

brought Sally back. she had spent 3 weeks at the dog farm and 2 days at fren's place. totally scruffy since her fur has grown (winter ready!). I think she hadly slept during her "vacation" since the diva must have been fending off the friendly overtures of other dogs. now she's conked out in the living room...

tinkered with my iBook (ancient G3) since it had been overhauled by SS.
10.4.4 OK (Robina will have a kick with the widgets, esp the games!)
Airport Express OK (yeah! now wireless!)
Bluetooth D-Link OK (used iSync and downloaded pics from Razr V3)

detected another Airport Express user when updating firmware. which means another mac user in my block (how to find out who, unless I go door to door?). also detected another wireless user but WEP password protected (heh heh..)

some problem with my DVD-CD drive. cannot read some disks. should not be software problem since now on 10.4.4. will send in to Applecare.


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