Saturday, December 03, 2005

SOGO freebie

wandering along Chung Hsiao East Rd (Taipei's Orchard Rd), Robina and I saw a crowd gathered in from of SOGO. thinking that it might be some Taiwanese star appearing, we went closer to take a look. it was a promotion for cosmetics and they had roped in ladies for the "before" and "after" effect. the compere asked the crowd to join in for games to win free skin care products. as the line was forming, I "urged" Robina to join in for fun n laughter.

before long it was her turn. Robina was supposed to toss two hoops at the products arranged on stage. first try was totally off, the compere even quipped that Robina should have tried harder. second try just missed by a little. didn't win anything but it was fun!


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