Thursday, December 29, 2005

KMY's bachelor's pad

went to visit KMY's brand new hide-out at Savannah condo in Simei. along with the "jungle" theme the place was decorated with statues of hippos, rhinos, oryx and panther. due to the shower's interesting design, KMY would be "mooning" motorists along PIE. if there's a pile-up on that slip road, we will know why!

Ladybug whipped up a quick and delicious lunch of pineapple rice, chicken and eggplant green curry and fried chicken!
after makan and ladybug going for a few laps in the pools, we went down to the club house to try the two-lane bowling alley. here's a jubilant ladybug!

before u know it, it was dinner time. we headed down to nearby Tampines for a spot of Malay food at Afghanistan kopi-tiam, my old neighbourhood! Ladybug tried the kachang pul, but later complained that it was not warm enuff.

Robina had the nasi lemak (her fav dish from this kopi tiam)

I had nasi bryani since I was desperate for bismatic rice. they ran out of mutton so I had to take the chicken (still delicious and spicy!).

putuh piring with gula melaka was excellent! couldn't resist this even tho we were stuffed silly by this time.


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