Wednesday, November 30, 2005

from Taipei to Beijing

cooling my heels in HK airport on a 4hr transit. cafe has free internet.

effectively spent 4 days in Taipei with Robina. spent our time visiting frens and eating from one end of TP to another. in another words,it was a gorge fest. Robina said that she neber felt hungry since arriving in TP...

also loaded up on stuff that we can't get in BJ (or even S'pore). Robina topped up her skin care and facial products. I bought 2 spiffy new suits and 3 new shirts. also pickedup some Chinese books. bought 2 bottles of excellent gaoliang wine (made in TW).

more pics when we reach home in BJ...

oh, have to pick up Sally from her (pet) hotel on the way back from airport.hope that she don misbehave and bully other puppies.


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