Tuesday, October 25, 2005

yes, Prime Minister

a whole bunch of Singaporean expats, students and business people met with PM (who was in town for an state visit) during a lunch reception today. it was wonderful to see our national flag fluttering along Chang'an Road and outside Tian'Anmen Square. not bad for "a little red dot"...

oh btw, we managed to snap a pic with PM...
poor PM must be seeing stars from all the flashes! but since he was the star of the event, everyone was queuing up for their photo op with PM.

it was nice to meet and chat with PM and other ministers like George Yeo, Lim Hng Kiang and Tharman. all the Singaporeans were glad to share their trials n tribulations of studying, working and earning a living in China.

it was also a good excuse for the Singapore community to meet and mingle. We don have much chances like this apart from national day. Robina met a young Singaporean lady was studying guzhen (Chinese zither) in the prestigious China Central Music Conservatory. this was just nice since we have a guzhen sitting in our spare room, gathering dust and Robina was keen to start classes.the good food was a bonus, especially the chicken rice! thanks to Chef Rocky from Traders'.


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