Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oi Yee in town

Oi Yee and her frends, Soh Wah and Mui Ching flew into Beijing on Thurs evening. This was after their 2 weeks Silk Route tour in Western China! Robina and I were in awe at their stamina. Anyways, this was not surprising since Oi Yee and Soh Wah were always sprinting ahead of the pack during our Sunday morning MacRitchie walks while the younger folks were huffing and puffing behind.

We brought them on a sampling of the good food in BJ. starting with Yunnan cuisine. This was a dish of very delicious spicy chicken!

Yesterday afternoon, we brought them to browse thru the sprawling Panjiayuan antique market. The three ladies were in their element, thrawling the nick nacks and jade pieces. Pretty soon, we figured that they do not need our help in bargaining since they were much more viciously in chopping prices.

Mui Ching was enchanted by this old lady from the Miao tribe in Guizhou. The granny was very jovial and had a dazzling smile. She was selling Miao ethnic costumes.

We tried vegetarian food last night. Everyone enjoyed it and was amazed at the chef's ability to create tasty dishes and soup without using meat! like this mock chicken in lotus leaf.


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