Sunday, September 11, 2005

slacking in Shanghai

posting this from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from SH. our hotel's internet access costs RMB120 (about S$24) a day. one thing that I'm glad of is there are Coffe Bean outlets in SH. there don seem to be any in Beijing!

Robina is with me as well. we went around downtown Shanghai yesterday and strolled around their Nanjing Road pedestrain street. checked out Raffles City Mall (built by Capitaland). It was a typical singapore style mall with a food court. tried out soursop juice, mee rebus (quite sad!) and bo bo cha cha.

am now at Parkson Shopping Ctr near our hotel. had lunch at Kyros Kebab (yes, the same one from KL), their kebabs quite good! and now chilling out and checking mail at Coffee Bean.

so far, we found SH more pleasant and liveable compared to Beijing. their weather is much like S'pore and there are more greenery (unlike dreary grey Beijing). there are many small shops and restaurants which makes it quite convenient to stay for extended periods.


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Jenad said...

woah... slacking ah? is it some public holiday or u took time off? hee...

there'll b not much time for us to slack in these next few weeks... got tonnes of weddings coming up! =p


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