Friday, August 19, 2005

revenge of the deprived

right after I landed in Singapore and blurry-eye from the late night flight, I was on the food trail to load up on local food. Just after dumping my luggage in the hotel, I headed towards Takashimaya food court for my caffeine fix in order to keep myself running (i was there before 10am and had to wait for them to open shop!). the Yakun kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs were excellent and so was the thick kopi!

next I met up with the usual suspects for lunch and Mumtaz at Far East Plaza. as usual their naan, bismatic rice, paneer (cottage cheese with spinach), chicken tikal and lassi were delicious. much better than the pseudo-briyani I get in Beijing (don have papadam some more!)

I was bringing some foreign friends around Little India and brought them to Banana Leaf Apollo for lunch. The curry fish head was marvellous with its piquant, sourish gravy and tender fish meat. my friends were drinking the gravy (neat!) even though it was the first time ever that they tried the dish!

very nice briyani and side dishes.

At No Sign Board restaurant in Geylang. I found that the food here was better than their Kallang stadium branch.Have yet to visit their esplanade joint but it must be more expensive. introduced local seafood dishes like sambal tua tau (glauconome clams) to my friends.

sorry, no picture of the chilli crab (which was excellent with delicious eggy gravy), I was too busy devouring it. here's the black pepper crab. right level of pepper spicyness, not too mouth-numbing and yet fragrant enough.

last weekend I was able to roam my favourite hawker centres in search of my fav dishes. Here is the famous Ghim Moh char kway teow stall! plus otah as an extra. the "see harm" (cockles) was large and succulent (Hep A also neber mind!)

this is the actual char kway teow stall. I was at Ghim Moh the next morning for their solid wanton mee. They were closed the previous day (boo hoo!)


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