Thursday, August 04, 2005

oh my god/dog!

Apart from their expertise in plastic surgery, South Korea has another call to fame! researchers from South Korea made the breakthrough by cloning a dog. If dogs with their "difficult" reproductive biology could be cloned, technically there is nothing stopping scientists from applying the same to humans. the only thing holding anyone back is just ethics.

and don't think that it will be easy to have Fido v1.0 and Fido v2.0 running around the house. since dogis hormonal phsyiology is so unpredictable, the scientists basicall need to keep hundreds or thousands of dogs around to achieve this successful cloning. No one can induce a female dog to ovulate, so scientists had to WAIT for the female dog to do so, and as owners of female dogs know, they only go into heat twice a year. The scientists had to transfer 1,095 cloned embryos into 123 surrogate mothers to produce just three pregnancies, one of which miscarried. two puppies were born but one later died from pneumonia. Only Snuppy survived. so the days of practical cloning for dogs are far from here.


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