Sunday, August 21, 2005


my first ever "live" NDP experience, even though I had participated in the NDP twice during my NS days.
the parachute drop was very impressive, especially with the HALO jump. everyone was craning their necks to follow the spiralling trajectory of the jumpers. as they floated nearer, we could appreciate how difficult it was to zoom into small landing area.

this was soon followed by the three Chinooks with the giant state flag.

managed to snap the starburst by the F16s!

President Nathan on his way to inspect the GOH contingent.

after the "usual" marchpast, the mobile column roared past the grandstandled by armoured vehicles. the smell of diesel fuel lingered in the evening air.

the highlight of NDP was the tons of fireworks! literally millions went up in smoke! but what the heck! u only turn 40 once!


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