Tuesday, August 30, 2005

isn't that Sally?

looks like Sally has many long-lost brothers and sistas out there. they are Havanese, descended from Bichon Frise bred in Cuba by spanish haciendas owners. always suspected that she has some Bichon or Maltese blood, but probably more like a rojak of mongrel terrier stock. even here in China, I get curious questions from passerbys about what breed she was? some think that's she's a Schnauzer because of her unusual grey colour. my usual response is "Le She Gou", meaning "rubbish dog" since she was basically picked off the streets of Taipei...
Sally has been under the weather for the past few days, coincidentally Robina is also downed with flu and cough. Sally puked up remnants of pieces of lotus root (Robina made soup and Sally had the meat and lotus root for dinner). She (Sally, not Robina) has been having carrots and meat from soup bone.


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