Saturday, August 13, 2005

back in SIN

I'm now back in Singapore for a couple of days. been here since last sunday but has been busy with work. but still managed to meet up with frens and colleagues. attended the NDP at the Padang. exciting experience considering that it was my FIRST "live" NDP, previous two occasions were during my NS (will put up pics when I return!)

the parachutists were excellent because of the tricky air currents (and must not land on top of the President and the cabinet!). the F16 flypast was awe-inspiring. and the thundering hardware that rolled past the grandstand really showcased SAF firepower (and our tax dollars!). the fireworks were beautiful against the night sky and the Esplanade "lew lian" (I can almost smell the millions of dollars going up in flames, literally...)

also, been around loading up on local food (more pics on that too!). Ghim Moh Char Kway Teow, banana leaf curry at Race Course Road, Indian food at Mumtaz, fish ball noodles, Ya Kun kaya toast and kopi and chai at Anatolia (or Turkish teh O) etc.


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