Sunday, July 31, 2005

what the fish!

A reservoir in Beijing's Haidian district attracted hordes of people last Monday when it vented excess water from its sluice gates. according to news reports, there were 300 people in the water and another couple of hundreds of onlookers on the banks. people risked their life to go after the free fish pouring out in the torrents of water (there was a heavy downpour in Beijing on last Saturday!). the fishermen were armed with scoops nets, cast nets and even electro-fishing gear to zap the fish (and any human beings nearby). some of the more enterprising had set up makeshift stalls to sell off their catch of carp, grass carp and catfish, for about 4-6 fish per RMB10 (about S$2)there were similar scenes in Singapore outside Kranji reservoir especially after heavy monsoon rains. but most anglers would stay on the shore or scoop the fishes with long-handled nets (the freshwater fish like bigheaded carp and grass carp would be stunned when they emerged in seawater). I don't think anyone was crazy enuff to go into the strong current, especially near the sluice gates unless they want to be wash out to sea!


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