Saturday, June 11, 2005

dinner with Julie

my classmate, Julie Goh was in town for both biz and R&R. finally caught up with her and her friends for dinner. What a small world! turns out that the fren of Julie's colleague was the daughter of Prof Hew Choy Sin, our good old professor from Botany. He taught me Plant Physiology in 3rd year! Robina was more familiar with Prof Hew's brother, Prof Hew Choy Leong, who is now the Head of Biological Sciences, NUS. Prof Hew's daughter is now with IBM and was newly posted to Beijing for a week!

Julie (first from left); Prof Hew's daughter (second from right)

brought them to try out this muslim seafood restaurant from Dalian. an interesting blend of seafood dishes, Northeastern Chinese (Dongbei) cuisine and Muslim style (kosher, no pork) cooking in a "traditional" chinese setting. The place was a brand new restaurant so it was spanking new and clean. Apart from the steamed turbot (flat fish), stir-fried seafood, Robina's favourite dish was the beef stew (with white beans, potatoes and tomatoes) which was surprisingly similar to its western (ang moh) counterpart. after dinner, we were treated to dumplings (zhong zi) since it was Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie) tonite!


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