Friday, March 18, 2005

where you can't have KFC in peace!

wah lau eh! and assorted hokkien swear words %^@%$%!)*~*^!_*

just read this China Daily article, about KFC withdrawing New Orleans chicken wings and Chicken Burgers from all their China outlets due to the Sudan 1 dye scare. there has been another food scare in China recently over some foodstuff being contaminated with Sudan 1 food colouring which is suspected to be carcinogenic.

the reaction from Robina and I was: bleddy hell!
followed by a sudden urge to tickle my throat.

on an impulse, I bought KFC 5-piece and New Orleans wings for dinner just a few days ago. Robina and her girl frens will usually makan at KFC when they go to Carrefour for their grocery shopping.

now Robina is SMSing her KFC kakis. one of the response:" NOooo! but eat oredi how?"


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