Wednesday, February 02, 2005

singapore food odyssey

Robina and I are planning to load up on as much Singapore food as possible before returning to Beijing on 13 Feb. so far, we are right on track. yippee kaiyeh!

although the Singapore food situation in Beijing is much better than Taipei, nothing beat the real stuff from home. There are about 5-6 Singapore/malaysian food restaurants in Beijing for Singapore expats to go for a quick fix but mee pok dry there is about S$7! beggars can't be choosers...

marching down our wish list, we had Hainanese curry rice at Bukit Merah for lunch. The curry-drenched rice with crispy pork chops, braised bak choi and curry fish head was shiokadelicious!

After a round of frantic NTUC raiding, toileteries-gathering shopping errands, we ended up at Zion Road for its famous Nasi Padang. I had a double-take since there was a deceptive clone next to the original nasi padang stall.

A quick look at which stall had more patrons plus being confirmed by the framed-up news paper articles, pointed us to the real McCoy (no.55)! Robina requested sayor lodeh, sotong and begedil while I must have the rendang. All the dishes were excellent!

our list is getting shorter but we don have much time before CNY when many stalls close for the holiday period! arrgghhh!!!


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