Tuesday, February 01, 2005

next stop, Baradur!

My nearest Punggol LRT station is Kadaloor. still wondering what the heck is Kadaloor? although Siva remembered a "Cuddalore" from either Tamil Nadu in Southern India or Sri Lanka.

The name reminded me of a Punggol blogger's opinion that the view from her flat was like Mordor (probably due to the two incinerators smokestack across the Johor Straits: we have EYES of Sauron!). Somehow Kadaloor rhymes so well with Baradur. With inspiring names like Cove, Coral Edge and Riviera, Tolkien names like Moria, Isengard or Minas Morgul could not be worst!

Prompted by our dinner conversation last nite at Holland Drive Blk 40 tze char stall with Siva and Airani, I've sent a suggestion/enquiry to LTA about the origins of the LRT station names. see below:

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into your suggestion
( Reference ID: D-B-A02742 ).
Name: Alvin Wong
Email: trilobite_larvae@yahoo.com
Subject: names of Punggol LRT stations


the LRT station near where I'm staying is Kadaloor. I was just wondering about its origin since the other stations on the line are like: Cove, Riveira etc. perhaps the LTA can put up signages about the origins of the station names in the stations itself.

let's see if LRT replies...

about the dinner, it was the quinessential Singapore-styled tze char dishes like sambal kangkang, yam basket with stir-fried vegies, sweet sour groupa and hotplate toufu. all cannot find in Beijing!


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Sivasothi said...

Hey Alvin, the "Kadaloor" I remember was spelt "Cuddaloor"; it must have been in either Tamil Nadu in Southern India or Sri Lanka.


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