Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Year's Eve

We had a somewhat sedate but nonetheless fun New Year's Eve, spent amongst friends in Beijing. earlier in the evening, we had dinner with Sarah in an Italian joint which was quite decent (except Sarah's pasta vongole had half-cooked clams); hmmmmm, come to think of that I might have to revise my rating...

after yabbering for a sometime, we went to Robina's buddy, Sherry's place for the countdown, but not before swinging back to our place to swipe a bottle of wine and muruku tidbits. At Sherry's apartment we discovered to our dismay that the local TV channels did not have any countdown programmes (maybe we just didn't find the right channels I donno?). Somehow the Christmas and New Year just didn't have the same atmosphere compared to back home. That why was we were lucky to have friends, otherwise can be quite depressing.

We played some cards games with silly actions and forfeits. It reminded me those chalet gatherings in our teenage years (when policemen wear shorts!). We missed the countdown by about 3 seconds but still managed to welcome 2005 with plenty of muruku, red wine and good companionship! Thanks to Sherry and Yit Wee for their countdown open house!

Happy 2005!

Me, Robina, Sarah, Yit Wee, Sherry, Shan Nee
In an example of a small world: Sherry's friend Shan Nee who was visitng BJ is a NLB staff. She knows my friends Eunice (aka Loony) Low and Timothy Pwee also at NLB.


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