Friday, January 28, 2005

makan fest

we just staggered back from makan session with the usual suspects (Oi Yee, Siva, Airani, Cyn, KMY and Tommy) at Mumtaz Mahal at Far East. Over briyani, naan and marsala tea, we were regaled with stories about Tommy's injuries (gruesome details abt how he became Bionic Man with titanic implants and 6-week MCs), how an undergrad nearly sliced off fingers with box cutter (notice our stories usually involved blood and gore!).

other topics of conversation included: the recent JC phenomenon of "tau pok", shiok ice cream from our friend's shop, Indian Ocean Tsunami experiences of our mutual friends, our Beijing misadventures with uncultured members of the Chinese race, and KMY's disappearing tummy (apparently an optical illusion due to his T-shirt).

the food was good as usual. I liked the tandoori chicken which was juicy and tender. the paneer (cottage cheese and spinach) and prawn marsala was so popular that we had to order seconds. Robina had to lean back with a satisfied look after wolfing down briyani and a large piece of naan.

Robina and I had been going thru a food fest since returning from Beijing. I have gone thru the list of: teh tarik, mee goreng, prawn mee ( Tekka hawker centre), mee rebus, Ya Kun kaya toast and Turkish kebabs. still on the die-die must try list includes mee pok dry, laksa, mee siam, char kway teow ( with lotsa cockles!), wanton mee (preferably from Old Airport hawker centre).

more makan adventures are on the card. There's a sea food lunch with our families on sunday. we are planning to hit Turf City sea food restaurants. our visit last year was very good. their deep sea crabs from Oz were surprisingly tasty. another seafood dinner is being arranged next week with my colleagues with the prime objective of chilli crab at East Coast. the problem is now to narrow down to which joint to whack. you can see that there's a certain element of clear planning and military precision to this.


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