Monday, January 03, 2005

A day in the life of a Procrastinator

a link from Boing Boing led me to an animation clip: "Gotta get my stuff done". The clip has got the mindset of a procrastinator down pat! and it's quite a hoot bcos everyone would have the same experience.

Along the same vein is an oft-circulated email: "A day in the life of a graduate student". Every grad student would have similar experiences of goofing off, procrastinating to avoid the painful task of writing their thesis or just getting to start writing their thesis. In animal behaviour terms, it's called "displacement activities". You end up doing something else when you should be something more important. Believe me, we are went thru this phase! Well, this condition was more serious in some postgrads. Some ended up learning to make balloon animals, fostering toddy cats, keeping ferrets, painting their bedroom etc. It's our way of dealing with stress and the inevitable (or we'r simply just goofing off...)


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