Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Monster spiders?

apparently, stories were floating on the net about "Fallujah Spiders" endangering US troops in Iraq (I thot RPGs would be a more serious threat!). These were actually solpugids or commonly known as "camel spiders" or "sun spiders". Solpugids are arachnids, close relatives of regular spiders.

this bring to mind of my army "daze" jungle training in Brunei. Our canteen was infested by huge cicadas that were attracted by the flourescent lighting. The cicadas fly inside and get swiped by the spinning ceiling fans. our soldier boys often have to duck from the ricochet of dismembered cicadas. Our "hokkien peng" comrades (hokkien speaking NSmen) used to collect cicadas to bring home. They vowed to show their girlfriends about how tough life was in the Bruneian jungles; even the "houseflies" are so BIG!


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