Friday, December 24, 2004

low blow!

Otterman posted a spread of Singapore food like thosai, prata, mee rebus, mee siam on his blog.

Now that I'm in Beijing at least six hours flight away from local food, it's not good to have a marsala thosai staring at me. Some more I took those food pics (and I ate that thosai!). I guess my past sins have caught up with me. I used to take pics of fish-head curry for Siva to post on his site, I think Airani was in Toronto then.

Siva, Cynthia and me at Sammy's Curry at Dempsey Rd having a shiokalicious banana leaf curry lunch and of course, the fish head curry...

The montage of local yummies was taken during our post-brisk walk breakfasts at Bukit Timah. Al-Ameen or Al-Ahzar muslim kopi tiams opposite Beauty World. After our fast-paced walks from McRitchie to Bukit Timah Hill, the prospect of teh alia and crispy prata was always the "carrot" to force march to the BTNR summit, especially up the last flight of "stairway to heaven".

We are actually much better off in Beijing than in Taipei, in terms of the Singapore/Malaysian food situation. There are at least 4-5 decent Singapore food restaurants in Beijing to satisfy our occasional cravings. the ingredients or taste might be slightly different, but it's good enuff when you wan a quick fix. I just had some decent hokkien fried mee, mee rebus (can't beat Airani's mom's mee rebus kuah tho!) at "Boat Quay", while Robina and her frens had mee siam, yong tau hu and chicken rice at another joint "Lau Pasat" just the other day. One of Robina's kaki just made nasi lemak with sambal chilli. Robina brought some nasi lemak (made with bismati rice!) back for me and I almost cried with joy! Hallehlujah!

Another joint "Little Penang" even brought in two Indian chaps from KL just to toss prata and pull teh tarik. needless to say, their prata (or roti canai) was quite good and crispy. altho still can't beat the prata shops in Venus Drive. but like I said, "boh her hae yar hor" (no fish, prawn also can). a closer enuff substitute is better nothing.

Recently, a Peranakan joint just opened. their menu is still limited but they are expanding it as they go along. their dry mee siam is very good and got kick! but I was quite disappointed that they don have ayam buah kluak! adoi!


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