Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First "real" snow in Beijing!

this morning we woke up to a Beijing clad in white. I quickly went out to the balcony to snap a few shots. (that's my foot prints in the snow on the balcony!)

this was the most decent snow since the light dusting we received last Thursday. It snowed since morning but we think it wasn't enough! if we gonna have snow let's have at least 10 inches! the snow in our apartment garden was only about two inches. Hopefully, it keeps on snowing so that we have a white X'mas!

in the rest of Beijing, people were busy shovelling snow off the sidewalk before it starts to get frozen. the roads became dirty n slushy from the melted snow. (above: soldiers clearing snow in Tiananmen Square. reuters pic)

just brought Sally out to see her first snow (sorry no pics!). she was amused and puzzled since she had never seen snow before. she stuck her nose into the powdery, cold stuff for a sniff.


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