Monday, November 22, 2004

wonky weather

say bye bye to autumn! weather has been erratic in Beijing this time of the year. due to El Nino, everyone's saying that this will be a "warm winter". well, I guess everything's relative!!

but the weather has been flip-flopping (like John Kerry...), it's like someone up there controlling the weather has not decided whether it should be autumn, winter or worse summer! for instance, during the Deepavali (they don celebrate in China!) week, it started out as chilly cold at 6-8C during the day. but by last week it was a barmy 15-17C during the day. people are falling sick left, right and centre since the central heating in buildings are turned on and the air is very dry. Imagine sleeping in a furnance. so, humidifiers are flying off the shelves.

But a cold front is heading our way tomorrow. temperatures will be plunging to 8C and then 4C by Thursday. Night time will be even colder -2C on some nights.


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