Saturday, November 20, 2004

smoke gets in your eyes

an interesting episode happened at my apartment today. this afternoon I suddenly sniffed a burning smoky smell in the air, later there was a commotion in the corridor. even my kitchen was obviously smoky. turns out that my next door tenant was either cooking or left the stove unattended. the smoke detector and sprinkler was activated. I asked the apartment staff were clearing up the mess in the corridor what was happening. Once I was sure it was not a serious fire or something like that, I just had to open the windows to air the place.

A couple of years ago, my downstairs neighbour at Tampines had a kitchen fire. The man was scalded by hot oil when trying to put out the fire. We saw billowing cloud of black smoke from downstairs. My father and I had to gone downstairs to help. The SJCDF fire trucks made their appearance.

interesting neighbours...

which reminds me, must get a small fire extinguisher. every home should have one!


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