Sunday, November 14, 2004

Sally and her bone

We bought a few meat bones for Sally to chew on. suppose to keep her teeth clean. Robina boiled the bones and kept them in a ziplock bag in the frig. This afternoon we brought Sally down to the garden to let her crunch the bone. it gets too messy if we let her do it in the apartment. Even though it was windy and freezing cold in the garden, we let Sally have her fun. Robina and I have to dance around doing the Irish jig to keep warm. Sally was determined to get at the rich marrow. Sally managed to gnaw off most of the softer bone at the joint but was stump by the thicker and stronger thigh bone. In the end I have to poke the marrow out with a stick to let Sally have it.

After Sally's bone time, it was bath time since Sally was grimy from the session and she was due for her weekly bath time anyway.


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