Saturday, November 27, 2004

remember this?

This photograph of South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner won Eddie Adams the Pulitzer Prize. The photograph, together with other works like the one with a Vietnamese girl running and crying in pain from being burnt by napalm, turned many Americans against the Vietnam war. Even the recent notorious picture of the hooded Iraqi prisoner in Abu Gharib prison was compared to this photo.

check out this gallery of other Pulitzer Prize winning news photographs.

I came across this while searching for another Pulitzer Prize photo. It was of an South Korean soldier in the Vietnam war rescuing two Vietnamese babies from a burning village. (I still cannot find this pic!) I saw this during a docu on National Geographic Channel about Tae Kwon Do. A South Korean Vietnam War veteran recalled how Tae Kwong Do helped him survived the war. His unit was the elite Black Tigers. Everyone must have at least a black belt in one form of martial arts.

ROK had sent about 300,000 soldiers to Vietnam to help the Americans during the Vietnam War. But nowadays, ROK's involvement in the Vietnam War was rarely mentioned although the Koreans still cover the topic in their war movies. In fact, like the Australians who also sent a contingent to Vietnam, the sectors covered by the South Koreans were largely pacified and VC-free. Like the Aussies, who learnt their trade from the Brits in Malaya, the South Koreans handled the communist insurgency more effectively.


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