Monday, October 04, 2004

a little piece of Singapore...

discovered a newly-opened BreadTalk outlet in a Beijing shopping mall today! Robina and I was out roaming Tian An Men this afternoon. To say that there were tons of people is a gross understatement. We enjoyed the view of kites streaming in the sky above the immense square against the backdrop of the Stalinist styled architecture of the Great Hall of the People and Mao's Mausauleum. But we quickly beat a hasty retreat with the gathering hordes.

seeking the refuge of the Wang Fu Jing shopping area, we headed for Oriental Plaza (it's like Taka in Orchard!). This is where we found the BreadTalk outlet. It is an exact clone of Singapore outlets, same layout and see-thru kitchen. We identified the Singaporean Manager/chief baker at one glance: Mr Foo. He told us that this is the first outlet in Beijing with more to come, including one in China World near our apartment (hurray!). There are oredi 7 outlets in Shanghai! Needless to say, we loaded up on buns and breads like otah bun (tears flowing down my cheek!), crouching tiger hidden bacon and ham n cheese. Robina complained to Mr Foo, how come don have Green Tea bun? hey presto, the kitchen staff scrambled to bring out one! the place was swamped with local customers with a long long queue. macham no need to pay!

P.S. I'm still getting used to this "remote" blogging since I cannot see my actual blog site.


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