Monday, September 20, 2004

Mongolian feast

Brought our visiting friends, Ping Ping and Christina to try out Mongolian food. The restaurant is within the Beijing office of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. We tried various dishes like mashed potatoes with desert onion, roasted lamb ribs, boiled goat head, washed down with yoghurt, milk tea and mare's milk liquor. The milk liqour is a mongolian specialty, a pale clear alcohol with a nice milk fragrance. A duo of musician and singer performance Mongolian folks songs for us during the meal. the catch was that you must down a cup of liquor after every song when the singer is singing for you! needless to say, we were very "happy" towards the end...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


We went to Cashbox Karaoke last Sunday. Cashbox is a Taiwanese franchise. This was the first time we went for a karaoke in Beijing. We used to sing quite frequently with friends and colleagues in Taipei. this Cashbox outlet in Beijing is huge with many private rooms and even supply a good sized buffet. The equipment is pretty advanced and the song selection very up to date. There's even a "fake" Cashbox using the same name and concept is another part of Beijing, apart from two legitimate outlets. Imagine that, they can even fake a karaoke!

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