Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ice cream shop

just heard that one of our zoology alumni, Seow Hwa has become an entrepreneur and opened an ice cream shop in East Coast (Eastwood Centre).

Her joint, the Ice Cream Gallery, was featured in "8 Days".Some of the flavours include D24, Cappucino Almond, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cherry Choc, Rum Raisin and Baileys Irish Cream. Well, considering how much ice cream our friends can guzzle, we can expect more branches pretty soon!

When I crave for ice cream in Singapore, I usually head out Wish Bone in Bukit Timah Plaza for their home-made Happy Kappy range of ice cream. They even got a colourful kiddy children story about "Happy Kappy". Their durian, gula melaka, jackfruit flavours are shiok! Even better when consumed in the form of sundaes, floats or concoctions like Jackfruit Jumpaway or Black Glory (drooool!).

Another place with good ice cream is Akashi Japanese Restaurant in Tanglin Shopping Centre. My favourite is their green tea ice cream. you can actually taste the green tea, not some green-coloured gooey stuff. better still, the ice cream goes well with red beans(drooool!).

talking about ice cream, the local brands of ice cream in Beijing are cheap and good. two major brands from Inner Mongolia dominate the market, Yili and Mong Niu. apart from ice cream they also produce yoghurt, fresh milk and assorted dairy products. for some strange reason, there's something called "milk tablets", i.e. milk in tablet form.

one of the best ice cream here is also the cheapest. plain yoghurt flavour called "Little Pudding". costs only RMB 50cents or Sing 10cents! they also have many flavours like water melon, raisins, green bean (but no red bean?). the supply of cheap ice cream is one way Beijingers keep cool during the sweltering summer. incidentally, Haagen Daz costs an arm and leg here.

BTW, read from some other blogs that Japs have a weird range of ice cream flavours like octopus, whale, horse meat. Probably, Seow Hwa should not carry this range of flavours...


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