Sunday, July 11, 2004

Beijing lashed by rainstorm

like Singapore being hit by sumatras, Beijing received its equivalent yesterday afternoon. By 4pm the sky was dark, gloomy and ladened with clouds. This was very unusual since it does not get dark even after 7.30pm. before you know it, the heavens opened up and was raining cats and dogs. it was a torrential downpour like those we get in S'pore.News reports said that Beijing had not experienced such a heavy storm for more than 10 years.

Aparently, it rained 75mm in two hours and it has been raining since then. more than 200 flights were delayed at Beijing airport and some flights were even diverted to Tientsin. The heavy rain flooded many main roads and wrecked havoc on traffic. On some stretches, cars were almost submerged. Many commuters had to abandon their buses or taxis and walk since they were stuck in jams for a long time. On most roads, the traffic was quite atrocious. But, on the bright side, Beijing's air has never been fresher. The weather should be cooler for a few days at least and it will be a welcome respite from the 35-36C Beijing furnace.

Sally has been quite content lying on the bed, but she must be missing her walks around the neighborhood. Robina is also stuck at home since the wet weather meant not being able to ride her horses. well, we can always hit the DVDs...


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