Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Art Work

Robina and I visited a gallery near my work place. we saw this stunning work (above) that was the centre piece of the gallery. It is the work of a contemporary Chinese artist Lao Jia. His paintings of pastoral scenes of horses and herdsmen were vibrant and energetic. You can also feel the horse leaping out of the frame. This is the original piece so the price was way beyond what we can afford (RMB29,000)! but we picked up a cheap collotype reprint (see below). hey, we just want something for the living room!

we also picked up a cheap reprint (S$50) by another artist Yang Gang. His works are also scenes of the steppes and horses since he spent a year as a herder in Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. Robina like this piece very much. I find it very zen-like and like the misty or dusty effect that shroud the horses. The distant mountains also provided contrast and depth.


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