Wednesday, July 21, 2004

another Great Wall climb

After taking the easy way out the previous time, Robina and I finally trudged up the Great Wall on our own steam. We were on an excursion organised by our apartment to visit the Commune by the Great Wall. That is a collection of prize-winning architectural designs of resort villas situated right on the foot of the Great Wall. After a heavy lunch, we climbed along a dirt track behind the resort leading right up the Great Wall.

It reminded us of our MacRitchie briskwalks and how badly out of shape we were! but we managed to huff and puff our way up the 45 degree gradient to the wall. One lady even went up and down in dress and heels! This stretch of the wall is not the restored tourist area. The plus point is that there were no hordes of tourist in the summer holiday season. We had the whole wall to ourselves. The sections of the wall was broken down and overgrown with vegetation. But the view of the landscape in the foggy atmosphere was excellent.


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