Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sally in China

well, Sally is giving Sparky the Starhub Dog a run for his money. I don't think Sally enjoys flying. There's no inflight service or movies for her and she gets stuffed into a travelling kennel. Sally and her kennel was not included in the 20kg excess baggage due to SQ's liability policy. so Robina paid about $300 for 18kgs. it was OK since Robina's luggage was definitely overloaded. SQ staff at both SIN and BEI were quite efficent. the check-in staff were apparently very amused with Sally.

I found Robina at the luggage belt. Since Sally and the luggage were all given priority tags, they were out at the carousel pretty fast. from there, we just wheel the kennel and luggage to the Chinese equivalent of the AVA. the uncle stationed was a bit blur since he was new there but he was quite nice. I was more familiar with the procedure than him since I called the office twice previously to check. but we still manage to clear customs in about 20min with minimum fuss.

bcos of Sally's diplomatic dog status, I just need to pay RMB26 for the inspection. instead of being interned in a gov lockup, Sally can be quarantine at home. normally u have to pay RMB1000 for the exemption. before going home, we stop by at the riding school which is near the airport to let sally stretch her legs after being cooped up for more than 8hrs (6hrs for flight and 2hrs for checkin). Sally managed to bark at a horse. it was her first close encounter with a equine :-)

now Sally is at home and kooning after being fed dinner. I brought her down for a walk and letting her do her business. she's now chonked out underneath the air-con and Robina is busy unpacking her loot from the Great Singapore Sale...


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