Friday, May 28, 2004

settling in

Robina is very much into horse riding now. she goes there almost every other day and sometimes stay for two sessions. she is learning quite fast and can trot the horse oredi. but most of all, she brings lots of carrots to feed the horses. in the process, she got to know the horses and riding school staff quite well.

our shipment will only arrive around next week. so must unpack and arrange the barang-barang. the apartment is not too bad n spacious enough. the other night the air-con was leaking but their maintenance people still came up quite fast even though it was about 10pm. they also turned up to help us assemble an Ikea step-ladder. their housekeeping staff was also quite efficient when they come to clean up and change bedsheet. overall, their service is quite good.

we got to know a neighbor who also keeps a dog. she's a riding enthusiast who introduced Robina to the riding school. We also discovered that a lot of locals also meet to let their dogs play in a grass patch near our apartment.


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