Sunday, May 23, 2004

Horse riding 101

Robina and I started our riding lessons. We were at the stables today, Robina for her 2nd ride while I started my first lesson. Robina brought along a bunch of carrots to bribe the horses who gulped down the carrots like sweets.

Horse riding was very fun and exciting since you have to concentrate on maintaining your posture and balance, and at the same time learn to read the stride and tempo of your horse. otherwise it will not be you riding the horse but having the saddle smack into your rear-end at every jolt. Since it was our beginner lessons, the horse knew more about what to do than us.

since we plan to visit the steppes of Inner Mongolia, we will be more hard-working. but it will take some time before we are ready since we are still in the process of mastering the trot.


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